Blue Haircare Ibiza is known for creative, unique and sparkling hairstyles, created on the paradise island Ibiza surrounded by the azure blue ocean. Manon accentuates your beauty and make sure you will enjoy your new haircut with a stunning and flexible hairstyle.


My name is Manon Engeman. After the Hairdresser Academy in Amsterdam I studied at the Kinky Hairdressers Academy. I have worked at several hairdressers and opened my own company with staff over the last 5 years.


My biggest passion is working with hair. A good haircut makes you feel confident, and it gives you a great appearance. On Ibiza I am able to create daily, party and special looks. The diversity makes me happy day by day.


Blue Haircare Ibiza offers a wedding service in your villa or hotel to make you look fabulous and shining on your big day!

Wedding service

On the most beautiful and special day of your life you want to look stunning. Everytime you’ll see the pictures after your wedding you want to feel proud. That’s why your hair and make-up have to look fantastic during this day.

Wedding guests

As a mother, best (wo)men or bridesmaids or grooms you want to look great. I can do your make-up and hair to make you feel even more special for this occasion.


Blue Haircare Ibiza works with these products to create your beautiful hairstyle.


Marrocan Oil

The deep roots from the argantree make it possible to protect hair against dry wind and even to a lack of water in the dessert. For centuries argan oil has been indulged by woman for its nourishing and hydrated quality. A rich oil, full of essential carboxylic acids, antioxidants and vitamin E. I am a huge fan of this product, especially because your hair suffers from a lot of sun on Ibiza.



Tigi Haircare Products is one of the most creative and trendy haircase brands in the hairdresser industry. With Bed Head, Catwalk and S-factor they offer all the products you need to style your hair exactly like you want. Rather it is for daily hair or for extraordinary hair for a special occasion. Tigi helps me with creating a long lasting hairstyle from the early morning till midnight.


American Crew

For a medium fixation and a beautiful shine I love to use Pomade from American Crew. This product is very suitable for men hair with curls and waves. The Pomade is based on water and therefor it is very easy to rinse without leaving traces. Perfect for a sleek or a rough look. All thanks to the American Crew Pomade. In my opinion this is the must-have product for every man!



When I color your hair I will always use the colors of L’oreal Professional. The rich quality, various teints, perfect grey coverage and the ingredients to care for your hair are the main reasons to work with this brand. Together with you we will choose the exact color that fits your skin tone, eye color and the current haircolor before we start. Then I will create a beautiful and rich hair color.